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General Information on Fees

The all-inclusive fee, described for simplicity as an annual percentage of assets under management, is applied to the account asset value on a pro-rated basis and is billed quarterly in advance. CCAM's fee includes compensation for the advisory and consulting services provided by CCAM, custodial and execution services (including brokerage charges on agency trades effected by the investment managers through broker-dealers), and quarterly performance reports and other account-related services provided.

The PMP fee does not include, and the client will be responsible and charged for, interest on debit account balances, underwriting commissions or discounts relating to securities purchased through public offerings from an underwriter or dealer, exchange fees and odd-lot differentials, transfer taxes and other fees required by law, IRA and qualified retirement account fees, postage and handling fees, and other money market account fees unless prohibited by law.

PMP fees are calculated as a percentage of the PMP account value. The fee is payable quarterly in advance. The fee will be a percentage of the market value of all assets in the Client Accounts on the last trading day of the prior calendar quarter. Fees are assessed on all assets under management including securities, cash and money market balances. Margin debit balances do not reduce the value of assets under management.

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