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Educational and Business Backgrounds of Key Officers

CCAM personnel who provide investment advisory services or who are on the investment committee are required to hold a college degree or to possess five year's business experience, at a minimum.

The following members of the Investment Committee are involved in determining general investment advice and selecting and evaluating managers on behalf of CCAM clients:

Robert Eugene Nixon

Born: 1954
Formal Education: CFP, College for Financial Planning, Denver, CO, 1983

Business Background:

Financial Consultant, President and Director, with Capital Consulting and Asset Management, Inc. / Chase Investment Consulting, Inc., Lincoln, NE from June 28th of 1996 until Present.

Financial Consultant and Registered Representative with Chase Manhattan Investment Services, Inc.("CMIS"), Lincoln, NE from March of 1994 until June 28th of 1996.

Financial Consultant and Registered Representative with Smith Barney/Shearson Lehman American Express, Lincoln, NE from September of 1982 until January of 1994.

The principal business of the principal executive officer, Robert E. Nixon, is managing Capital Consulting and Asset Management, Inc., which is a registered investment adviser and affiliated as registered representatives with Geneos Wealth Management (GWM), a registered broker/dealer. This principal executive spends the majority of his time on these functions. In addition, Mr. Nixon also holds an insurance agent license, which is required in order to evaluate insurance policies for clients.